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Design (screen and otherwise) for Halo 2: Anniversary terminals (completed at Sequence).

Intros (design and animation) for Halo 2: Anniversary terminals (completed at Sequence)—Human, Covenant and Forerunner.

Concepts, style frames and look development for What Remains of Edith Finch (completed at Sequence). What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington state (coming in 2016 for the PS4).

Design, animation, look development, typography etc. for Strange Empire (completed at Sequence). Strange Empire is the latest from Canada's own Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik, the visionary behind the acclaimed Durham County.

Logo for Perfectionalism, a personal blog dedicated to objectively fantastic design (with occasional miscellany and interviews). A P references a "reminder string"—a "carry-over from olden days when people tied pieces of cloth around any painful part of their body".

Logo for WantThatFont, a personal blog dedicated to wanted fonts and typographic niceties. Two hearts form a W (!)

Design and look development for The Quest (completed at Sequence). In addition to the title we also provided various in-show elements including (but not limited to) storybook-style introductions for the show's contestants.

Style frames for Strange Empire (completed at Sequence). This project granted me permission to explore a multitude of ideas and directions—always appreciated!

Design (screen and otherwise) for H+ The Digital Series (completed at Sequence). This series was awarded Best Visual Effects by the IAWTV (2013).

Design/style frames for Uber (completed at Sequence). Technology and cartography merge via abstract circuitry.
Intro concepts, style frames, typography and logo/title card for
Primeval: New World
(completed at Sequence). These titles were featured on Behance's Motion Graphics Served gallery.

Title design, typography and animation for Jabbawockeez: Regenerate (completed at Sequence).
{image 86}

Title cards, logos, style frames et al. completed at Sequence. Updated periodically.

Sequence recently produced over 30 minutes of motion comic cutscenes for Marvel Heroes and I’m proud to say that I animated my fair share. I also created a few design elements for the project, a personal favourite being a comic-style translation of Iron Man’s trademark HUD.

Intro concepts, photography, style frames, typography and logo/title card for Arctic Air (completed at Sequence).

Design/look development for Stonehenge Uncovered (completed at Sequence). I also designed and animated the title card/logo for the doc's CBC/North American release.

Concepts and style frames for the Vancouver Canucks' pre-game ice projections (completed at Sequence). The final five frames were a proposal for a special Stanley Cup edition that never came to fruition.

Intro concepts, style frames, typography and logo/title card for Endgame (completed at Sequence). These titles were nominated for a Gemini for Best Achievement in Main Title Design.

Stock imagery and video for Nanamee and YouWorkForThem.

Artwork samples for MTA Records. All photos employed are my own and are available over at Nanamee.

Concepts, style frames, typography and logo/title card for Michael Bublé's 3rd Annual Christmas Special (completed at Sequence). I also developed a small suite of 80s soap opera-style graphics for a bizarre recurring skit between Bublé and Cookie Monster.

Episodic titles (design and animation) and maps (design and animation) for Tricks on the Dead (completed at Sequence). More information soon!

"Five manually interrupted photographs. Meticulously freed of noise, cropped and colour corrected to achieve ultimate sensory satisfaction."

A while back I created a series of light leaks and lens effects by mucking about with a variety of Lomography lenses and I still use the results when I'm looking for a lighting effect that's a little outside the norm. Enjoy!

Neued is a bare-bones Wordpress theme built from scratch as a personal project/challenge. Available for download here.

Site design and build for cinematographer David Geddes (completed at Sequence). A striped hierarchy allows for easy consumption of content.

Concepts/style frames and design assets for Phorus (completed at Sequence). Building fake app interfaces: fun. Coming up with fake song names: even more fun.

A collection of logos (submissions, sketches, ideas et al.) too beautiful for this world. May they find peace in the afterlife.

Logos for Captive (film) and Syndicate 7 (said film's production company [completed at Sequence]). Conceptual shadow envelopes stencil letterforms, referencing the film's ambiguity in regards to good and evil, light and dark et al. Syndicate 7's logo was made to match the company's release.

I also created the title sequence for the aforementioned film, alongside various other typographic elements.

My newly minted Flickr. All 1024x1024 images are free to use with select full resolution images to be uploaded to Nanamee in the foreseeable future.

Logo for Sequence. Letters as well-ordered "units" tangentially reference a sequence without being overt. I also accidentally created what is now our official "end tag" for various reels, pitches et cetera.

Once upon a time, Derek Kinsman and I attempted to create the most ludicrously minimal cloud-based writing app. We've decided try it again, so… get excited!

Logo for South Creek Pictures (completed at Sequence). An S, C, and a creek are concealed within a pebble-like structure.

Logo/monogram for Prairie Coast Films. A mirrored P suggests both a stalk of wheat (prairies) and a whale's tail (coast).

Logo for Bibliocreative and design for Bibliocreative's first interactive children's book, Fancy Hat (completed at Sequence). Fancy Hat was listed among Kirkus' Best Books of 2013 (Book Apps).

Logo for Lumb Financial. The inset in the mark references the pound sterling, citing the Lumb family's British heritage. Additionally, the pound sign itself derives from a capital L!

Logo for Beau Hello, a now defunct personal blog dedicated to interesting avatars, images et al. found on various social media sites.

Logo for entrepreneur Bill MacEwen. A multipurpose letterform denotes ingenuity and resourcefulness. Please note that this mark was created in early 2010, before Moving Brands' Madefire identity (great minds think alike!)

Album design/artwork for Carpenter's Sea to Sky (CD/vinyl) and album design for Precursor's Miles & Miles Apart (vinyl). Photography for Sea to Sky by Mark Cohene. Photography for Miles & Miles Apart provided by Folkert Gorter.

Illustration for issue 3 of Kill Screen Magazine. The article that the image accompanies, “Count to Ten”, speaks of intimacy, relationships (in-game and otherwise) and the uncanny valley.

Illustration for “Loser” by Paperdoll. Unfortunately this image was not used due to the recognizability of the source material.